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About A2Z Movie Stream

A2Z Movie Stream is a premier Movies on Demand online streaming service in English. There is a wide assortment of hollywood movies across genres like action, drama, thriller, romance amongst many others. Members of A2Z Movie Stream watch and download unlimited movies across multiple device - PC, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, Windows 8 & Smart TVs. A2Z Movie Stream is now a premium hollywood movie entertainment destination for millions of users across the globe.

Started in 2012, A2Z Movie Stream entered into the hollywood market with the sole purpose of providing entertainment into the people's home. We wanted to make movie watching as convenient, portable and affordable as possible.

A2Z Movie Stream is World's largest online movies-on-demand service provider. We take the liberty to call ourselves 'your personal blockbuster theatre'.

> Over 300000 movies to choose from
> Watch movies in English, French etc.
> High definition full length movies
> Watch movies without ads or breaks
> New movies added everyday
> A Free membership account for testing of movies.